31.8.19 Malie Madness


Some thoughts on Universal Basic Income

2.3.20 work in progress

22.5.20 Wouter says:
"Everything in moderation, including moderation."

9.3.20 4 years ago Balder and I took pictures of the stormy night sky.

25.2.20 A beautiful little film: "BECOMING" by Jan van IJken

27.10.19 Mar a les muntanyes


13.10.19 Autumn two years ago "First I was rushing for a wait, now I'm waiting for a rush."

14.7.2019 Katrine

13.7.2019 Maja, Malmö, by Marci

29.7.2019 Gazing, by Prashant


A chill Saturday with Leif.




Mai, I am glad you were born.

9.11.2018 Endlos

21.4.2019 Oma, Hamburg

8.4.2019 Turning twenty

On a bus driving down a mountain in Nepal I thought I might die. I thought about the life I’ve lived so far and realised how wonderful it has been. I’m satisfied; I made peace with dying, and thought if we make it to the bottom of this road I’d be awfully thankful to get another twenty-ish years.

Doing dishes the other day I was suddenly overwhelmed with smiles and tears of joy, thinking about the beauty of the people I have met in my life so far. You all have filled my life, and I feel so lucky.

Turning twenty I’ve probably lived over a quarter of my life, and I think after-death will feel like before-birth. So I will keep trying to make the best of my brief time. Friends, thank you for the thoughts you expressed yesterday, it was humbling.

5.4.2019 Maja, Paris

10.3.2019 A strange day

9.3.2019 Last spring in Bir


26.1.2019 Mum and Joey, Saturday morning, car is stuck