26.10.19 vall de núria

japan, summer nineteen


to Mar and Luka


8.10.20 biscarrosse

18.6.20 camping in jæren

X.10.16 Yehya climbs "EE" and Chris looks on

9.6.10 Eisbach

12.10.20 geografi

26.1.19 Fish no. 1

First surfboard I ever made, out of recycled styrofoam from the fish shop. I ran out of foam so it became real short and real flat. Wasn't quite waterproof but it worked!


31.8.19 Malie Madness

7.8.19 Kyoto bakery

Some thoughts on Universal Basic Income

2.3.20 work in progress

22.5.20 Wouter says:
"Everything in moderation, including moderation."

Walking along the GR34

9.3.20 4 years ago Balder and I took pictures of the stormy night sky.

25.2.20 A beautiful little film: "BECOMING" by Jan van IJken


X.10.17 Autumn two years ago "First I was rushing for a wait, now I'm waiting for a rush."

27.10.19 Mar a les muntanyes

Between space and time


14.7.19 Katrine

13.7.19 Maja, Malmö, by Marci

29.7.19 Gazing, by Prashant


A chill Saturday with Leif.




Mai, I am glad you were born.

Things humans can do that computer's can't (yet).

9.11.18 Endlos

21.4.19 Oma, Hamburg

8.4.19 Turning twenty

On a bus driving down a mountain in Nepal I thought I might die. I thought about the life I’ve lived so far and realised how wonderful it has been. I’m satisfied; I made peace with dying, and thought if we make it to the bottom of this road I’d be awfully thankful to get another twenty-ish years.

Doing dishes the other day I was suddenly overwhelmed with smiles and tears of joy, thinking about the beauty of the people I have met in my life so far. You all have filled my life, and I feel so lucky.

Turning twenty I’ve probably lived over a quarter of my life, and I think after-death will feel like before-birth. So I will keep trying to make the best of my brief time. Friends, thank you for the thoughts you expressed yesterday, it was humbling.

5.4.19 Maja, Paris

10.3.19 A strange day

X.3.18 Last spring in Bir

Mountains in the Sea


26.1.19 Mum and Joey, Saturday morning, car is stuck



Biking across the Tian Shan in Kyrgyzstan

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